If Woods' Western measured you:

No charge for alterations when chaps or clothes are sent back within 30 days of your receipt. 

If you sent in your own measurements:

A 10% discount off alterations fees for all chap and chinks within 30 days upon arrival.


Chaps and Chinks Alteration Pricing

Alteration prices listed below are for chaps and chinks made by Woods' Western that are owned over 30 days.

Chaps not made by Woods' Western are priced individually once we evaluate and approve service.
Take chap legs in $135.00
Let chap legs out  $150.00 and up.
Take chink legs in  $60.00
Let chink legs out  $75.00
Buckle straps:
Longer front belt (one side) $75.00
Longer front belt (both sides) $135.00
Longer cuffs (whole cuff)

 $285.00 Service must be evaluated and approved.

Shorten cuffs by cutting bottom $49.00
Shorten cuffs by moving up $149.00
New zippers in both legs $275.00
Replace 1 zipper pull $15.00
Replace 2 zipper pulls $20.00
Additional services:
Initials, Per letter $15.00
Lowering thigh reinforcement $55.00
Repairing holes / tears Must be evaluated then quoted price.

Clothing Alteration Pricing

Clothing made by Woods' Western, please email us at: and send images of your show apparel blouse, shirt, vest and pants with a detailed description on what alteration services you would like to have done.

Once evaluated and approved we will be able to provide you with an estimated price quote and along with an approximate time frame of completion. 


Alterations Policy

If your chaps, chinks or clothes do not fit upon receipt, contact Woods' Western within 30 days for alterations services.

Additional charges may apply to over stretched (distorted) chaps and chinks.

Plan for your alterations to take approximately 3 weeks.

No tax on alterations.


We look forward to growing and changing with you as your needs and desires change in the show pen. We are extremely grateful to have met so many great friends along this journey and to continue to make more friends along the way. See you at the next horse show!

Dan & Babe Woods